Self Titled

by Holy War

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released May 15, 2013



all rights reserved


Holy War Rochester, New York

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Track Name: Balance of power (holy war)
Somewhere along the lines
the balance shifted
this place was taken over
by spoiled fucking rich kids
they're trying to tear down
what we broke our backs to build
this is a call to arms
kill or be kill
You won't tear it down
The line is drawn
Who do you fight for?
Choose a side
Holy war
Track Name: Choke
Here we go again
that familiar stench
makes its way into my head again
thought I'd buried it years ago
with my loneliness
I can't escape I can't escape
my mistakes can't forget my regrets
failure never seems to leave my side
I've run out of places to survive
*used to say we'd haunt these streets
but I turned to dust instead
the only ghosts you'll have to hold
are the ones inside your head*
I can't escape I can't escape
Fuck me Fuck me
Here we go again
You don't give a shit
Don't pretend you fucking ever did
Track Name: Penance
No love from the world
No love for the world
There's a bounty on these bones
No love No hope No home
With every step I curse the ground
"There's no penance for the Hellbound"
Track Name: Vultures
Heaven send your vultures
to my grave I've got a bone to pick
for heavens sake
Stuck in a wooden tomb
like a lobby in the dirt
where I stay watching waiting
pray misery takes me home
I'll feed my body to the worms
I'll leave you nothing
My face will be the last you ever see
I'll drag my hate to the Gods themselves
and bring Hell with me
Track Name: The "new" faith
Throw your words around
like they mean something to me
while the blind lead the blind
you're a wolf amongst the sheep
you smile like a profit
with your silver tongue
selling coats to the poor
while you sell off the sun
money is the real God
greed is the "new" faith
If I've learned anything in this life
Never speak with snakes
Track Name: Rest
I wake up everyday
To the eyes of someone I hate
It's getting harder to be myself
So fucking hard to stomach this place
*With fake smiles we push ahead
behind our eyes we wish for death
another night we lay in bed
praying to God we'll get some rest*

Take my breath